Sun, wind and cloud but nary a glimpse of CO2

We have been having a pretty cold spell for the last 10 days and this will probably continue for another 2 weeks. This morning it was -18C

It is the time of the year of course. But, every day we experience the effects of where the weather is coming from, the direction of the wind, the presence of the sun and the mitigating effect of clouds (moisture in the air). The difference between a cloudy night and a clear night is over 10C. The difference between a sunny day and a cloudy day is also about 10C. The effects of CO2, if any at all, are insignificant for my weather.

Climate is merely a label for the integral of weather over space and time. But what is actually experienced is weather and weather does not care very much about CO2.

Interestingly at temperatures below -10C, my heat pumps and electricity usage are at full blast and I cannot charge my hybrid car. The battery charger draws 7kW and when it’s really cold it causes one phase to trip. So my fossil fuel use (petrol) is maximised.

It makes sense that fossil fuels will be needed especially in cold weather and when the next ice age comes. But CO2 does not affect the weather.


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