Exterminating The Unvaccinated

Italy will now make it mandatory for over 50s to be vaccinated. If it is mandatory I expect that appropriate force will be used. One would expect that a single 20 year old should be able to subdue and jab around fifty 80 year-olds per day. It might take 2 to subdue a 50 year-old.

Macron has been mouthing off (apparently literally) about making life as difficult as possible for the unvaccinated. Sweden has now made it perfectly legal for any establishment to discriminate as desired against those without proof of full vaccination (thought it is unclear if “full” means 2, 3 or 4 shots). The market for fake vaccination certificates has been given a boost and is booming. The Australians have made idiots of themselves with the Novak Djokovic affair. (Of course, Novak has been a little idiotic himself).

It is apparent that, among the politically correct and the unthinking, the unvaccinated are the new scum of the earth – even if vaccinations provide no great protection from being infected by the Omicron variant. I wonder what the hierarchy of incorrectness is?

  1. Unvaccinated, infected are clearly the worst sort.
  2. Unvaccinated, uninfected are somewhat better
  3. Unvaccinated with natural immunity are not to be assumed to exist
  4. Infected though vaccinated
  5. Vaccinated and uninfected have a place reserved in heaven.

It stands to reason that forcible vaccination of the reluctant is preferable to their incarceration. A quick execution would be much cheaper if a little unethical. Deprival of employment is already here for some. Deprival of citizenship has been suggested for others. Maybe they could be branded with a yellow star and used  – forcibly – for the trial of untested vaccines? 

2 Responses to “Exterminating The Unvaccinated”

  1. cristian toader Says:

    My wife ( still young in our opinion) is in remission after cancer treatment (multiple surgeries, radiotherapy & chemotherapy) .
    Our biggest fear is to be in need of a hospital treatment but being rejected ( many cases are reported daily) as “free” people who choose to not protect themselves through vaccination are being hold hostage and treated by force!
    I would agree to not enforce vaccination ( which saves lives, resources and money) if the “free” people choose to not waste hospital beds, doctors and public money from people who are need because of (not their choice) : strokes, accidents, chronic diseases….
    Otherwise It’s nice to promote freedom of choice.

  2. Alan Jensen Says:

    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Benjamin Franklin 1759. Making decisions about one’s own health is your right. Having the State hold a gun to your head to get vaccinated in authoritarian.

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