World Cup Round-up: after Week 1 the vuvuzela wins

Every team has played once.

Germany – promising; England – predictable; Spain – disappointing; Brazil – still sleeping; Nigeria- no-hopers;  Holland- still-in; France- missing Zidane; Chile – Outsiders; Uruguay – impressive; Greece – in crisis.

The quality of the football has not lived up to the hype.

The greed of FIFA is breath-taking and FIFA is making an ass of itself.

Dutch women fans at the match against Denmark in Soccer City, Johannesburg, 14 June

The clear winner so far has been the vuvuzela.

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One Response to “World Cup Round-up: after Week 1 the vuvuzela wins”

  1. gspromo Says:

    Yes the vuvuzela rules so far. Unfortunately it could not get our team (SA) to get yhe ball to the goals. SA played nicely but their ability to produce a goal sucks. What now SA?

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