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The South Africa – FIFA- Warner payment web

June 5, 2015

With Danny Jordaan’s letter and the one from Oliphant it is almost certain that the award of the 2010 World Cup involved the purchase of some votes. There is no other reasonable explanation. It is difficult to see why such a convoluted trail would be necessary if the South African government just wanted to provide $10 million to help the African diaspora in the Caribbean.

Certainly it seems that the government of South Africa made some commitment to provide $10 million to be under the direct control of Jack Warner. Then, by a very tortuous route the money was provided. The main ” achievement” of the convoluted path used was that no direct payments needed to be made by the South African government. Instead they “paid” by receiving $10 million less than they should have received from the National Lotteries Board. The Lotteries Board provided R88 million over 3 years (amounting to $10 million at the then exchange rates) to the South African Football Association (SAFA). SAFA provided $10 million to the 2010 World Cup Local Organising Committee (LOC). LOC then “paid” this money to FIFA by receiving $10 million less than they should have from FIFA for holding the 2010 World Cup. They received $413 million instead of the budgeted $423 million. FIFA then paid $10 million to CONCACAF who in turn put it into the Diaspora Legacy Program which was personally administered by Jack Warner.

Where the money went to after that is not certain.

From the two letters and as shown in the Mail & Guardian article, the South African web looks like this:

From S Africa to Warner via FIFA

From S Africa to Warner via FIFA

World Cup Round-up: after Week 1 the vuvuzela wins

June 17, 2010

Every team has played once.

Germany – promising; England – predictable; Spain – disappointing; Brazil – still sleeping; Nigeria- no-hopers;  Holland- still-in; France- missing Zidane; Chile – Outsiders; Uruguay – impressive; Greece – in crisis.

The quality of the football has not lived up to the hype.

The greed of FIFA is breath-taking and FIFA is making an ass of itself.

Dutch women fans at the match against Denmark in Soccer City, Johannesburg, 14 June

The clear winner so far has been the vuvuzela.

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