Frigid December 2010 was no local phenomenon

The frigid December of 2010 was widespread across the Northern Hemisphere and cannot be dismissed as just a local phenomenon.

Sweden: Coldest December in Sweden in 110 years:

UK: 2010 UK’s coldest December since records began:

Ireland: Met Eireann – coldest December on record:

Germany: German Unemployment Unexpectedly Climbs in Coldest December for 40 Years:


Illinois’ December was colder and had more snow than average:

Virginia: Explaining the weather: December was a bitter one:


  1. December coldest on record:
  2. Tallahassee marks coldest December on record:
  3. N. Carolina: Asheville’s December was 2nd coldest:

Korea: Seoul Has Coldest December in 30 Years, Says Weather Bureau:


Mass evacuations as China’s south battles ‘big freeze”:

Heavy snow grips northern China:


Cold wave continues to grip North India:

Bangalore is cold but the outskirts are getting colder:

Chill in Calcutta:


NSW had its wettest year in half a century:

AUSTRALIA has just experienced its wettest year since 1974 and its coolest year of the 21st century:



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