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Frigid December 2010 was no local phenomenon

January 6, 2011

The frigid December of 2010 was widespread across the Northern Hemisphere and cannot be dismissed as just a local phenomenon.

Sweden: Coldest December in Sweden in 110 years:

UK: 2010 UK’s coldest December since records began:

Ireland: Met Eireann – coldest December on record:

Germany: German Unemployment Unexpectedly Climbs in Coldest December for 40 Years:


Illinois’ December was colder and had more snow than average:

Virginia: Explaining the weather: December was a bitter one:


  1. December coldest on record:
  2. Tallahassee marks coldest December on record:
  3. N. Carolina: Asheville’s December was 2nd coldest:

Korea: Seoul Has Coldest December in 30 Years, Says Weather Bureau:


Mass evacuations as China’s south battles ‘big freeze”:

Heavy snow grips northern China:


Cold wave continues to grip North India:

Bangalore is cold but the outskirts are getting colder:

Chill in Calcutta:


NSW had its wettest year in half a century:

AUSTRALIA has just experienced its wettest year since 1974 and its coolest year of the 21st century:



Coldest December in 135 years

December 18, 2010

Kallaste december på 135 år

says the Svenska Dagbladet

Power outages, traffic accidents as well as train and flight delays have left Swedes reeling from Thursday’s snowstorm, which forecasters say isn’t over yet.

“Slippery conditions will continue across the country. There is already a lot of snow on the roads,” SMHI’s Elin Torstensson told the TT news agency.

She explained that Sweden has experienced more cold days and more snow than is normal for December.

“There were a number of days in a row with below-freezing temperatures, so called ice days. And that we have that before Lucia (December 13th) hasn’t happened in more than 100 years,” she said.

Meteorology agency SMHI has issued a class 1 warning covering all of northern Sweden due to the large amounts of new snow, combined with the strong winds.

The agency also forecasts that the snow will continue throughout much of the country on Friday. Snow showers are expected to continue throughout the weekend over parts of Götaland and southern Svealand in central Sweden, with light flurries forecast for the north of the country.

“We’re expecting about five centimetres of new snow,” said SMHI’s Torstensson. Temperatures on Saturday are expected to range from a few degrees below freezing in Götaland to -25 Celsius in the far north, before cooling somewhat on Sunday when temperatures in the northern Sweden may dip down to 35 degrees below zero.

Weather not climate of course, but the credibility of so-called climate science is disappearing with its alarmist  displays of arrogance.

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