Icebreakers tour de force: Sea of Okhotsk rescue completed

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The rescue of the ships trapped by ice in the Sea of Okhotsk has been completed. A tour de force at temperatures as low as – 27°C by the three ice breakers, Magadan, Admiral Makarov and Krasin. The Krasin joined last and was the star of the show.

Richard North has been following and anticipating the story and a more complete description of this admirable rescue is available here.

This morning from Ria Novosti:

07:04 17/01/2011The Krasin and Admiral Makarov icebreakers have managed to take the Sodruzhestvo mother fishery ship and the Bereg Nadezhdy refrigerator vessel out of thick ice in the Sea of Okhotsk, the Far Eastern Shipping Company said Monday.

“The icebreakers first towed the mother ship to a safer area, and then returned for the Bereg Nadezdy, which they took to thinner ice,” company spokeswoman Tatyana Kulikova said.

The Bereg Nadezhdy ship, the Professor Kizevetter research vessel, and the Sodruzhestvo mother fishery ship, carrying altogether over 400 people, got stuck in two-meter-thick ice in the Sea of Okhotsk on December 31. Two other ships, the Mys Yelizavety and the Anton Gurin, became trapped a few days later.

The Admiral Makarov released the Professor Kizevetter and the Mys Yelizavety vessels from the ice trap, while the Anton Gurin managed to cope on its own.

Then the operation to rescue the Bereg Nadezhdy started, but the two icebreakers changed their plans, returning to the Sodruzhestvo vessel, which was the hardest to tow due to its wide body. Towing ropes snapped soon after the start of the operation, which resumed next day.

The rescue effort has been hampered by strong winds, low visibility and shifting ice floes in the area.

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