DAVOS 2011 kicks-off today: 35 heads of state, 2500 delegates



35 heads of state and over 2,500 delegates are expected to attend.

If the WEF’s guidelines are followed there will be at least one woman for every four men!!


The WEF Chinese delegation will total over 60 people this year and the Indian will again be significant with 130 delegates. India will be launching an India Inclusive campaign to stress the benefits of economic progress and the growth of a vibrant middle-class and average incomes, while minimising the political impact of increasing disparities in wealth, as the new entrepreneurs of India globalise their operations – Tata, Ambanis, Mittals, Mahindra, Bhartis, Godrejs are all names we are becoming increasingly familiar with on a world stage. Chinese participation is up fivefold in the last decade, Indian up fourfold.
The G20 is very well represented too. All countries have president/prime minister or ministerial representation here except Argentina, with the latter’s central banker as its representative.

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