Bombay High Court restores the natural order of the universe

I am pleased to see that the Bombay High Court has seen fit to follow my exhortations to restore the natural order of the Universe where privilege is given its full due and where the high status of a Bollywood Star is honoured.

The natural order of the universe where respect must be accorded to those of higher status, and Bollywood Stars are indubitably the highest of the high, requires that Salman Khan be released immediately.

Hindustan Times reports:

The Bombay high court on Friday suspended actor Salman Khan’s jail term, handed by a lower court in the 2002 hit-and-run case, pending appeal.

The single-judge bench of justice Abhay Thipsay suspended the five-year jail term after hearing arguments from both sides.

“We can fix a date in June or July whether he is guilty or not.”

I note that the Bombay High Court had little to say about the unfortunate Noor Ullah Khan who was stupid enough to sleep outdoors just where a drunken driver without a licence was about to mount the pavement and crush him to death.

Even if the cowardly driver did run away from the scene, it is surely no reason to chastise him – especially as he is a Bollywood Star.


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