What’s so special about finding the panda?

There have been a number of pictures posted on the net and in newspapers recently with “crowd” pictures (animals and people) where a panda is “hidden” somewhere within the crowd. I have been  more than a little surprised to find that these are supposed to have “gone viral”. Generally I have found the panda in a few 10s of seconds and always in less than about a minute.

What’s so special about these?

The latest picture has been touted at HuffPo as The Most Legit ‘Find The Panda’ Photo Yet

It took about a minute to find the panda and I am still wondering why finding it is anything special? My eyesight is adequate (with spectacles) and my ability to focus and concentrate is no better than average, I reckon. How many people, I wonder, have any difficulty?

find the panda


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