BBC website down — silence suggests incompetence or external hacking

Here in Sweden the BBC websites are all down. At 0730 the radio sites (and iplayer) went down. Now 4 hours later even bbc news is down.

About 2 hours after the failures the BBC finally tweeted:

BBC down

BBC down

The comprehensive failure (seems to be worldwide) and the long silence about it (2 hours to acknowledge a problem and another 2 hours since) suggest that either

  1. the technical issue (and they admit to only one) is embarrassing (due to an internal cock-up), or
  2. it has been an external attack and they haven’t yet found the problem to be solved.

The only reason I’m posting this is because I need the radio on in the background and – as is usual for my statements – I will be very quickly proven wrong. I remain addicted to the BBC – in spite of all their biases and prejudices (which can anyway easily be discounted).

The very act of my posting this could be what solves BBC’s problems and brings them back before withdrawal symptoms set in!!

UPDATE: 2 minutes after posting this, the site was back!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently a DDOS attack.



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