Solar Cycle 24: Still on track to be smallest sunspot number cycle in 100 years

The August solar cycle 24 forecast from NASA is unchanged from the previous month though the maximum has increased to 69 from the 64 forecast about 6 months ago.

The current prediction for Sunspot Cycle 24 gives a smoothed sunspot number maximum of about 69 in June of 2013 (same as last month). We are currently over two and a half years into Cycle 24. Four out of the last five months with average daily sunspot numbers above 40 has raised the predicted maximum above the 64.2 for the Cycle 14 maximum in 1907. This predicted size still make this the smallest sunspot cycle in over 100 years.

NASA - Solar Cycle 24 forecast

Solar Cycle 24 continues to invite comparisons with Solar Cycle 5.

SC24 versus SC5 - from

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  1. KLinBC Says:

    ktwop, thank you for posting this data and “It’s the Sun, stupid”. Real science is exposing the fallacy of the greenhouse gas hypothesis and revealing the truth about the cause of climate change, i.e. Henrik Svensmark’s solar/cosmic ray/cloud formation discovery, which will one day rank as one of the most significant scientific discoveries in human history. How much longer can the battered greenhouse gas hypothesis CLOUD the truth?

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