Hundreds die as cold wave in Europe provides a taste of what a little ice age could do

As Europe freezes in Siberian weather and people die it is not so difficult to imagine what life would be like in the throes of a Little Ice Age. Humans have endured and survived during the ice ages but have only developed and thrived and expanded when the Earth goes through its  interglacial periods.

It is global cooling and the potential for a little ice age that poses the real threat to humans. Not some fantasy about anthropogenic global warming. The demonisation of carbon dioxide in the assumed – but unproven – belief that it contributes to global warming will turn out to be one of the most wasteful contentions of modern science.

If only it was that easy to change the climate!

NoTricksZone reports:

Germany’s no. 1 daily Bild (by circulation numbers) reports on the Killer Cold now paralyzing Europe and Asia, and calls it the worst in 25 years. The cold has hit Eastern Europe especially hard, with temperatures plummeting to -30°C throughout the Ukraine and Poland. So far the cold has claimed 139 lives, with 3 in Germany.

Bild reports that in Rome, Italy, school was called off today because of the intense cold and the city expects 15 cm of snow overnight. In Serbia, over 6 feet of snow have fallen over the last few weeks. In Turkey heavy snows have have blanketed much of the country, with 50cm falling in Istanbul on Wednesday. At Atatürk-Flughafen in Istanbul 180 flights were cancelled.

According to the BBC:

In Italy, weather experts say it is the coldest week for 27 years. In the Urals and Siberia, the temperature fell to -40C while in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, a forecaster told Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency the wind-chill factor meant the real temperature was down to -52C, even though the air temperature was -35C.

Yesterday the lowest temperatures in Sweden and Finland were -42 °C and -39 °C respectively and the forecasts report that the bitter cold will not let up for at least 8 days.

And it is the sun which determines whether we are in a little ice age or an ice age or an interglacial.

File:Carbon-14 with activity labels.png

Solar activity events recorded in radiocarbon: Wikipedia

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