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Hundreds die as cold wave in Europe provides a taste of what a little ice age could do

February 3, 2012

As Europe freezes in Siberian weather and people die it is not so difficult to imagine what life would be like in the throes of a Little Ice Age. Humans have endured and survived during the ice ages but have only developed and thrived and expanded when the Earth goes through its  interglacial periods.

It is global cooling and the potential for a little ice age that poses the real threat to humans. Not some fantasy about anthropogenic global warming. The demonisation of carbon dioxide in the assumed – but unproven – belief that it contributes to global warming will turn out to be one of the most wasteful contentions of modern science.

If only it was that easy to change the climate!

NoTricksZone reports:

Germany’s no. 1 daily Bild (by circulation numbers) reports on the Killer Cold now paralyzing Europe and Asia, and calls it the worst in 25 years. The cold has hit Eastern Europe especially hard, with temperatures plummeting to -30°C throughout the Ukraine and Poland. So far the cold has claimed 139 lives, with 3 in Germany.


Weather may not be climate but weather is a subset of climate !

December 27, 2010

The cold wave in India led to 4 deaths on 26th December 2010: image

This winter’s extremes are all due to Global Warming I hear!!

My incredulity at the arrogance of global warming dogma and its high priests is getting rather strained. But gullibility and greed remain inherent in the human condition.

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