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The Prince and the paedophile and Berlusconi and his pimps

March 7, 2011

Does every civilisation go through a period of decadence and excess and crassness and vulgarity or is it just the normal behaviour of the famous and the wealthy?

I find it inexplicable that in spite of such behaviour Prince Andrew and bunga bunga Berlusconi still maintain their followings.

The Duke of York is facing new pressure to resign over his association with a convicted paedophile (Jeffrey Epstein), after ministers admitted that there would be “conversations” about his future role.

Andy at a Scotch tasting in Wasington photo: AP / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

The Daily Telegraph disclosed this morning that the Government had decided to downgrade his position as Britain’s trade ambassador. Vince Cable appeared to confirm that the Duke’s role and responsibilities were under review as he declined to give the royal his firm backing in a radio interview today. …

Chris Bryant, the Labour former Foreign Office minister, repeated his calls for the Duke to be relieved of his duties, telling the BBC: “I think we should be dispensing with his services. I think the charge list now against him is so long that he is a bit of an embarrassment.”

In the meantime Berlusconi is facing 4 trials simultaneously:

Berlusconi's pimps

Berlusconi’s pimps Lele and Fido: Photo: REX FEATURES

The aging ‘pimps’ at the heart of the Berlusconi scandal. Emilio Fede, 79, and ‘Lele’ Mora, 55, are accused of playing a key role in organising Mr Berlusconi’s ‘bunga bunga’ parties.

While attention has focused on the parade of glamourous young women
who allegedly prostituted themselves with the prime minister, the men alleged to have masterminded what was in effect a vast pimping network are anything but youthful.

79-year-old Emilio Fede, a television anchorman, finds himself at the epicentre of the extraordinary prostitution scandal engulfing the Italian prime minister. Mr Fede (“Fido”)  is accused along with Dario ‘Lele’ Mora, 55, a celebrity agent, of procuring escort girls to attend “bunga bunga” sex parties with the 74-year-old prime minister, who is due to face trial himself next month accused of paying for sex with an under-age prostitute. Prosecutors are expected within days to present a dossier of evidence to a judge in Milan in which they will request that Mr Mora and Mr Fede face court on related charges, along with Nicole Minetti, 25, an Anglo-Italian former television showgirl.

Berlusconi the stallion – bunga bunga girls terrified of catching AIDS

February 28, 2011

The Telegraph provides further smutty details about Berlusconi and his bunga bunga parties.

And one wonders how the glories of Italian civilisation ended up with this uncouth lout. But he follows in the footsteps of Mussolini.

The women who attended parties hosted by Silvio Berlusconi were terrified of contracting Aids and other sexually-transmitted diseases from him, according to evidence gathered by Milan prosecutors.

The claims, based on text messages sent between the women, cast further doubt on the Italian prime minister’s insistence that the “bunga bunga” parties at his villas in Milan and Sardinia were nothing more than light-hearted dinners filled with jokes and songs.

According to evidence submitted by prosecutors, several women last year exchanged text messages in which they expressed their relief after medical tests cleared them of any sexually transmitted diseases.

“Have you done it? Is everything okay?” asked one unidentified woman in a message sent on Jan 8 2010. “All ok. White blood cells ok, there is no AIDS.” “Did you have any doubts?” the first woman then asked. “Well you know when someone goes to bed with 80 women, you never know in life,” the second woman responded.

Model Barbara Guerra complained to a friend about the car she received from the prime minister. “I am furious because yesterday that girl arrived with a Mini Cooper he gave her in July and he gave me a Smart car in June. Now I swear I am going to ask him for another car.”

In wiretaps recorded between October and December last year, there were also complaints about the prime minister’s stamina. “He is up all night till 4am. He doesn’t sleep so he can stay up all night with one after the other”.

“There are 20-year-old girls there who are destroyed, they are dead, and me too. Also because I am much older, and I am 45 years younger than him.”………

I cannot resist this picture of another prize winning Berlusconi – the stallion. At least this Danish Berlusconi is not lacking in class or elegance.

Danish bred and Oldenburg branded and licensed stallion Berlusconi (by Belissimo M x Florestan x Donnerhall) Photo

The Danish bred and Oldenburg branded and licensed stallion Berlusconi stood out in the 35-day Stallion Performance Test, which completed at Stable BM in Lemvig, Denmark, on 10 February 2011. The chestnut Belissimo M x Florestan x Donnerhall offspring scored the highest total of 861,5 points.

Bunga bunga Berlusconi sinks to new depths with Gaddafi

February 22, 2011

As Gaddafi threatens more bloodshed and seems to be increasingly removed from reality, the eastern part of Libya including Benghazi is clearly no longer under his control. He does not seem to be on his way to Venezuela but is looking to his special relationship with Berlusconi.

ABC News reports that bunga bunga Berlusconi is now providing further support to his friend Gaddafi by telephone:

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi has spoken by telephone with Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi amid a bloody crackdown by Libyan forces on anti-government protesters.

A one-sentence statement from Berlusconi’s office late Tuesday said the phone call took place in the afternoon. It gave no details.

Berlusconi has called Gadhafi his “friend” and has entertained the Libyan leader several times in Rome.

With Italy’s Eni, the main foreign operator in Libya taking home a full one-third of the north African nation’s oil production, it is no surprise that a succession of Italian governments have sought a cozy relationship with Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi — none less than the extravagant embrace by current Premier Silvio Berlusconi.


Berlusconi won’t “disturb” Gaddafi – as one Dirty Old Man supports another

February 21, 2011

As the brush fire of revolution against dictators spreads in North Africa and the Middle East, Bunga bunga Berlusconi ( 75 years old) announced that he will not “disturb” his soul-brother Gaddafi (69 years) in his time of trial. They are of course both senior members of the Association of Dirty Old Leaders.

Reuters reports:

Opposition lawmakers criticised Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi for failing to condemn violence in Libya and saying he did not want to “disturb” Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi during the revolt in his country.

Berlusconi’s government, which has aggressively courted Libyan petrodollars and rolled out the red carpet during Gaddafi’s multiple visits to Italy, has said little on Libya’s crackdown on protesters that has killed more than 170 people.

Pressed by reporters on whether he had spoken to Gaddafi since the uprising began, Berlusconi said on Saturday: “No, I haven’t been in contact with him. The situation is still in flux and so I will not allow myself to disturb anyone.”

The comment stirred outrage among the leftist opposition, which has long accused Berlusconi of turning a blind eye to Gaddafi’s human rights record and pandering to the Libyan leader for the sake of lucrative contracts and investment in Italy, which is Libya’s former colonial ruler.

In this photograph from June 2009 where Berlusconi is welcoming Gaddafi accompanied by a rather plump member of his all-woman bodyguard, it is not clear why Gaddafi finds it necessary to wear cardboard medals and an old photograph on his chest. It is probably something only Bunga bunga will know.

Silvio Berlusconi welcomes Muammar Gaddafi at Rome Ciampino airport

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi welcomes Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi at Rome's Ciampinio airport, Italy, on 10 June 2009. Photograph: ALESSANDRO DI MEO/EPA

As the Guardian put it when Gaddafi visited Italy in 2009:

The highlight of Gaddafi’s trip to Rome is a meeting, personally requested by the Libyan leader, with 700 women from the worlds of “politics, industry and culture”. So Berlusconi got down his Bumper Catalogue of Hot Stuff, got rid of any that were over 25, discarded those with a loud voice or body hair, and whittled down the rest by ballot until he got to 1,000, whereupon the disappointed remainder that didn’t get to meet Muammar were given a senior post in his cabinet or a mini-break in his fancy villa with the pools and the elephants.

Before we start thinking this is just a pact of weirdness between two profoundly weird men, it is not the first time Gaddafi has extended the hand of friendship to the ladies of Europa (I do not mean the convenience store chain; I am romanticising the continent, trying to get into the mind of the mighty dictator). Two years ago in Paris, he met 1,000 French women. His message was clear: he wanted to “save European women”.

Gaddafi and his nurse: image EPA

Of course in addition to his bodyguards Wikileaks has told us that he also has his own voluptuous Ukrainian nurse(s).

Diplomats in Tripoli described how the Libyan leader appeared to be reliant on Galyna Kolotnytska, without whom he reportedly “cannot travel”.

In a despatch to the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, sent in September 2009, embassy officials painted an intimate portrait of Col Gaddafi’s many fears and “eccentricities”.

The secret memo, which was headed “A glimpse into Libyan leader Gaddafi’s eccentricities”, said he “appears to rely” on his senior nurse, and less than in the past on his “legendary” band of women bodyguards who used to accompany him everywhere.


Bunga Bunga Berlusconi only following a cross-dressing Virginia Woolf!

February 16, 2011

The BBC tells us that one of the earliest recorded use of “bunga bunga” was the Dreadnaught hoax in 1910.

The "fake" Abyssinian royals

Virginia Woolf (far left) joins Horace de Vere Cole (far right) in the 'bunga' hoax: image bbc

The infamous Dreadnought hoax was dreamed up by aristocratic joker Horace de Vere Cole, who contacted the British Admiralty pretending to be the Emperor of Abyssinia. He informed officials that he wished to inspect the Home Fleet while on a forthcoming visit to Britain.

After enlisting some friends – artists from the Bloomsbury group, including writer Virginia Woolf – to masquerade as his entourage, he turned up at the navy’s state-of-the-art ship, the Dreadnought.

Officials, taken in by the dark stage make-up, false beards and oriental regalia, treated the group to an official civic reception.

They were reported to have cried “Bunga, bunga!” while marvelling at the ship. An account of the visit plus a picture were sent to the Daily Mail newspaper – probably by Cole himself.

Virginia Woolf said later that when the real Emperor of Abyssinia arrived in London weeks later, wherever he went, ”the street boys ran after him calling out bunga, bunga!” The term reappeared at the end of World War I, after HMS Dreadnought sank a German submarine. According to retired Royal Navy captain Jack Broome – in his book Make Another Signal – the congratulatory telegram read: “BUNGA BUNGA”.

Musical Hall ditty from 1910

When I went on board a Dreadnought ship

I looked like a costermonger;

They said I was an Abyssinian prince

‘Cos I shouted ‘Bunga Bunga!’

Source: The Sultan of Zanzibar: The Bizarre World and Spectacular Hoaxes of Horace de Vere Cole, Martyn Downer

The phrase “bunga bunga” has become inextricably linked with the private peccadilloes of Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi but he can claim to be in the “good” company of a cross-dressing Virginia Woolf !


Rome embassy bombs set by “eco-terrorists”

December 23, 2010

From the Telegraph:

Anarchists are suspected of having launched parcel bomb attacks on the Swiss and Chilean embassies in Rome.

Swiss Embassy Rome: image

The first explosion, which occurred at midday (11amGMT) seriously injured a caretaker at the Swiss embassy. The second, which occurred at around 3pm (2pm GMT), was at the Chilean embassy, also injuring one person. The Rome prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation on suspicion of “an attack with terrorist aims,” ANSA news agency reported

One of the investigators said that one of the main lines of inquiry was on “anarchist circles of the eco-terrorist movement.”

The parcel bomb delivered to the Swiss embassy in Rome exploded in the hands of a mail worker who opened the package. “A device hidden inside a package exploded in the embassy. at midday (1100 GMT),” the Swiss embassy said in a statement. “The postal worker’s hands were injured and he was immediately taken to hospital,” it added. The embassy said there had been no claim of responsibility. The injured man is a 53-year-old Swiss national and he risks the amputation of one or both his hands but his life is not in danger.


Coal still king as green power IPO struggles

November 4, 2010

Black vs. green. Wikimedia commons

“Green” is no longer as fashionable and trendy as it used to be. The slime of Climategate has had its impact as has the arrogance of the alarmists. But if the hard-headed world of business investments is anything to go by it seems “black” is begining to trump “green”. An earlier post described the huge success that Coal India’s IPO had. This needs to be contrasted with the tepid response to the the IPO for ENEL Green Power which also listed today.

Waning investor interest in clean energy contrasted sharply with enthusiasm for coal on Thursday as shares in Enel Green Power fell on their debut while Coal India’s soared.

Enel Green Power (EGP), which generates clean energy from hydro and geothermal to wind and solar and is Europe’s biggest listing since 2008, dropped over 4 percent on its debut despite a cut price offered to lure investors.

Shares of Coal India, a similar sized share sale at around $3.5 billion, gained 40 percent in Mumbai on the same day.

“The struggle for renewables reflects the fact that they are quite capital-intensive, in a world that is capital-constrained, and face regulatory uncertainty,” Robert Clover, alternative energy equity analyst at HSBC said.

India, which has the world’s fifth biggest coal reserves after the United States, Russia, China and Australia, is riding an economic boom that is thirsty for fuel.

“Fundamentally, Coal India is a structural play on India’s rising energy demand,” said Binay Chandgothia, chief investment officer at Principal Global Investors in Hong Kong.


Europe has seen a resurgence in public offerings as equity markets trade around 6-month highs, and many European companies have managed to get their initial public offerings toward the upper end of their price guidance.

But EGP’s parent company Enel, an Italian power giant that also controls Spain’s Endesa, struggled to woo professional investors for the sale of up to a third of its renewable unit against a backdrop of underperforming green energy stocks

It was forced to cut the price to 1.6 euros a share from a price range of 1.8-2.1 euros, and early guidance of 1.8-2.4 euros, raising only 2.5 billion euros ($3.5 billion) compared with the 3 billion euros it had wanted to help reduce debt.

Institutional investors had raised concerns over EGP’s lower growth rate versus peers, its lack of a track record and uncertainty on green energy incentives, despite its wider geographical footprint and technology mix.

The Italian power giant, which also controls Spanish utility Endesa, eventually managed to get the deal away thanks to interest from retail investors, but it will raise less than its 3 billion euro ($4.2 billion) target, key to cut debt.

Even after the price cut, shares fell over four percent both in Milan and Madrid on the first day of trading.

“”In any jumbo IPO you want it to trade up so that you can say the market has a good feeling about it, but I don’t think a lot of people expected this to trade well given how much went to retail,” said a source close to the deal.

By contrast, an attractive IPO valuation for India’s dominant coal miner spurred demand from investors who applied for more than 15 times the number of shares on offer in the country’s largest-ever IPO. Enel Green Power IPO was just 1.1 times covered.

The Coal India listing comes at a time of record foreign fund inflows into Indian stocks and in one of the best years for IPO fundraisings for the country.

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