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Eleven Years, 4142 posts

April 16, 2021

Time flies.

Activity has been muted of late but 4142 posts in 11 years still maintains a target I once had – on average – of a post per day.

Administrative trivia

November 16, 2020

I had some difficulty finding posts I had written many years ago and realised that I had no search bar in the blog. A search bar has been added.

I had not realised that I could define an icon for the blog, which I have now done.


On comments to blogs and sticks and stones…

June 27, 2010

As a relatively recent blogger I find the nature of comments to posts is intriguing. So far less than 2% of the views have resulted in comments.

I categorise comments to blogs tentatively as:

  1. supportive – but with no other content
  2. supportive  with no relevant content but ingratiating
  3. supportive with relevant content
  4. supportive with an own agenda to propagate
  5. opposing and insulting with no content
  6. opposing with rational content but insulting
  7. opposing with rational content
  8. neutral but propagating own agenda

Types 5 and 6 are not very pleasant to read but perhaps they are better than no comment at all in that they represent people sufficiently engaged to comment. I think they cannot be fulfilling their own purposes  since every offensive remark  only seems to discount any content that might be present. Comments of Type 2 and 8 are the most irritating. Types 7 and 3 are the most appreciated.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but ………

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