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Monsoon season is over but the rain continues as withdrawal lags

October 3, 2016

The monsoon season “officially” runs through June, July, August and September. This year it was about a week late in being established and now, at the end of the season, total rainfall has been about 3% lower than the long-term average and it counts as a normal monsoon¬†(just).

Predictions of a better than average monsoon have been proven wrong . But have they?

The monsoon does not much care about calendar dates and the withdrawal of the monsoon is running about 2 weeks behind its “average” schedule.

graphic imd

graphic imd

It looks like monsoon rains will continue sporadically over the next 15 Р20 days. Currently the rains stretch across central India from Gujarat to Bihar. The total rainfall Рthough not conforming to the official calendar Рmay well be slightly above average.

Once it has finally withdrawn the verdict is likely to be that the 2016 monsoon was “good”.


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