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FIFA blattered, bothered and bewildered

May 29, 2015

to blatter, v, to maintain power by institutionalised corruption

So Blatter is going to be reelected.

FIFA’s wild again
Beguiled again
Simpering, whimpering children again
Blattered, bothered and bewildered, are they

Couldn’t play fair
And wouldn’t play fair
Could only cheat where they shouldn’t cheat
Blattered, bothered and bewildered, are they

with apologies to Lorenz Hart

I heard some football federation representatives describe on radio that they supported Blatter because their federations received so much “honest” money from FIFA!!

Sounded like the federations of most African and Asian nations had been “institutionally bribed” to continue with the status quo.

Hail Blatter.

Emperor Blatter and his Praetorian Guards

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