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The arrogance of belief: What now Pachauri?

February 9, 2012

What now Pachauri?

Back in November 2009, Rajendra Pachauri and the IPCC were accusing those who were not true believers in climate scientology and the loss of Himalayan ice as being “arrogant”.

This article in The Guardian today reports on new measurements which show zero loss of ice over the last 10 years.

Perhaps the climate scientologists and the global warming brigade should pause to consider their own amazing arrogance of belief (and by corrollary – their lack of science).

(Image above from EU Referendum)

The big freeze: Sun and wind and clouds – not climate scientology or carbon dioxide

February 8, 2012

We have been down to -22°C over the weekend and it’s -10°C today. The cold spell is likely to last another 10 days or so. There are few clouds and day time temperatures are 10+°C higher than at night.

It’s only weather of course but a timely reminder that – anywhere in the world –  daily temperature variations are of the order of 10-15 °C and seasonal variations every year are of the order of 30 – 50 °C. And this variation is entirely due to the effects of the sun and the winds and the cloud cover. The effects of carbon dioxide and climate scientology are insignificant. But it’s only weather.

An extract from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) for 4th February makes the point:


All of Sweden has had it much colder than normal for the season. 

In parts of northern Norrland it was more than 20 °C colder than normal. It was coldest in Kvikkjokk-Årrenjarka in Lapland with a temperature of -42.7 °C, which is the lowest temperature recorded there since surveys began in 1888. It was 25°C colder than what is normal for the season where “normal temperature” means the average daily temperature between the years 1961-1990. 

The reason for the extreme cold was the northern and easterly winds in combination with very clear weather. Without any insulating cloud cover night-time temperatures plummeted.

For the country as a whole it was a fairly even distribution of about 20 °C colder in the north to over 10 °C colder than normal in southern Götaland. At the Norwegian border, with Lakes Vänern and Vättern and along the Östergötland and Småland coast, it was between 8 and 10 °C  colder than normal. It was mildest in southern Öland, with temperatures of only 6 to 7 °C lower than normal.

Sweden temparature anomalies on 4th February 2012 - SMHI

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