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US and Russia engage in the “disappointment” wars

August 8, 2013

“Disappointed” is the new in-word in diplomatic relations particularly between the US and Russia.

Everybody seems to be disappointed with everybody else.

With this amount of “disappointment” clearly going around there is a real risk of a “depression” setting in.

But at least its better than a “cold” war and a long, long way from a fire-fight”

” Very disappointed”. “Seriously disappointed”. “Deeply disappointed”

The diplomatic winner is the one who can express greater disappointment than the other.

  1. It’s Time to Admit Obama is a Disappointment 
  2. Despite ‘disappointment,’ Obama will travel to Russia
  3. Barack Obama ‘disappointed’ with Russia over Edward Snowden and ‘Cold War mentality’ 
  4.  Russia “disappointed” bilateral talks with US cancelled 
  5.  U.S. ‘deeply disappointed’ at Russian opposition leader conviction 
  6.  US disappointed by Russian court verdict in Magnitsky case 
  7. U.S. Government ‘Disappointed’ Hong Kong Let Snowden Leave 
  8. U.S. ‘very disappointed’ by Russian ban on U.S. meat
  9. Putin ‘Disappointed’ by Crushing Hockey Defeat to U.S. 
  10. Moscow Disappointed by EU Ending Syria Arms Embargo – Putin 
  11. U.N. chief “disappointed” by Assad’s speech on Syria crisis
  12. Parents disappointed in Russian adoption ban 
  13. Russia disappointed with US refusal to extradite Viktor Bout 
  14. Russia “disappointed” with UN Syria draft  
  15. US ‘disappointed’ that Britain not to extradite hacker
  16. EU, U.S. Disappointed by Ukrainian Ex-Minister’s Trial 
  17. Pussy Riot members jailed; Obama disappointed 
  18. US expresses “deep disappointment” over Hungary’s transfer of Azeri murderer
  19. Palestinians disappointed with Obama
  20. Netanyahu expresses ‘disappointment’ with Abbas’ UN speech

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