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Winter time tomorrow and the elk are in the garden

October 25, 2014

We change to winter time tonight.

This evening at dusk we had the privilege of two elk (moose) visiting the garden. A mother and a rather large calf it seemed. It was getting quite dark but I managed to get this blurry picture on my I-phone through a window. The calf was just about 2 m from the window. They stayed for about half an hour till they got spooked when I came out of the house.

elk in the garden 20141025 1802

elk in the garden 20141025 1802

I am no hunter and the elk are quite welcome to whatever they can find in my garden. The hunting regulations for this season in our county are:

The moose hunt begins on the second Monday in October, according to Appendix 2 of the Hunting Ordinance (1987: 905)

Hunting for moose calf Monday, October 13 – Wednesday, October 15 2014
(unregistered area)
Licensed area Monday, October 13 – Saturday, February 28 2015
Moose fostering area Monday, October 13 – Saturday, February 28 2015
1. Cows with calves should not be culled  unless the calf or calves have been shot before the cow.
2. At least 50-60% of the shoot should consist of calves. 
3. Avoid posted restrictions limiting calf shooting.
4. Of the total shoot of adult animals no more than 30% should be males.
5. The variation in moose density and injury rate in different geographical areas should be clearly reflected in the shoot. Avoid assigning the moose shoot solely on an acreage basis.
6. The shoot in January-February should primarily focus on calves

Drunken gang of elk get obstreperous!

August 31, 2013

It is at this time every year when apples have fallen to the ground and are gently fomenting, that the stories of drunken elk (which are not moose) proliferate in Sweden. We usually get the odd elk cleaning up under our apple tree but – so far – we have never encountered an intoxicated animal. Elk find apples – and other fruits and berries – irresistible. Their resistance to intoxication seems relatively low and drunken elk get quite feisty. This time a gang of five drunken elk got very stroppy and barred a resident from entering his own home. However, as the police report reads “Police who arrived on the scene reported that the animals had been warned that the police were on their way and wisely decided to leave the address,”

The Local:

A gang of angry drunken elk barred a man from entering his home in suburban Stockholm on Tuesday, leaving the frightened homeowner no choice but to call police for help. “Five drunken elk were threatening a resident who was barred from entering his own home,” read an incident report on the website of the Stockholm police department.

The author of the report confirmed that the homeowner, who lives on the island of Ingarö in Stockholm’s eastern suburbs, was justified in calling the police for help. “I’m not surprised that he called the police when he was faced with a gang of five drunken elk,” police spokesman Albin Näverberg told The Local. “They can be really dangerous. They become fearless. Instead of backing away when a person approaches, they move toward you. They may even take a run at you.”

The incident involved four adult elk and one calf, Näverberg explained, all of whom were intoxicated after having eaten fermented apples that had fallen from the homeowner’s apple tree.

“Police who arrived on the scene reported that the animals had been warned that the police were on their way and wisely decided to leave the address,” the report read.

“The elk will have to find somewhere else to get intoxicated.”

Perhaps the most famous photograph of a drunken elk is from September 2011 of this one which got itself stuck in an apple tree

Moose in a tree - September

When The Local talked to Per Johansson about the elk (no, it’s not a moose) that had been caught in a tree after a fermented apples bender, he would never have imagined his words would be repeated worldwide. Type “elk in a tree” into Google, you’ll find 29 million hits. Worryingly, “moose in a tree” gives even more.
Photo: Gustav Johansson

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