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Randy Andy FRS

May 5, 2013

Either the Royal Society has sold a Fellowship or perhaps they believe that HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York will bring great credit to the Society and the scientific community. A remarkable vote where only a “Yes” vote was permitted. No doubt we will hear that there was a clear consensus in favour and that his elevation was supported by – wait for it –  all those who supported him!

To put it mildly, Randy Andy has a rather spotted biography.

Either way it does little credit to the Royal Society or its Fellows.

The Guardian: 

After more than 350 years of largely happy association with assorted royalty Britain’s pre-eminent scientific institution, the Royal Society, faces unprecedented dissent from members after Prince Andrew was elected to become a fellow.

While the objections to the prince mainly centre on his slightly chequered career as a royal, a small number among the 1,450 or so Royal Societyfellowship are asking the wider question of whether it is time for an institution based on science to end the practice of honouring people on the basis of heredity.

The controversy has been fuelled by the way the prince was elected to be a royal fellow, a status he shares with Princes Philip, Charles and William, Princess Anne and the Duke of Kent, while the Queen is the organisation’s patron. The ballots sent out to ordinary fellows provided only one box to tick, supporting the measure. Those opposed had to write “no” themselves or otherwise mark or spoil the paper. … 

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