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End-game for Gadaffi no longer of his making

August 22, 2011

Update 2! Now even Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has appeared in Tripoli surrounded by his supporters and claiming that they are in control  and that his father is well. This could be a bitter end-game after the euphoria of yesterday.

Update! Mohammed Gaddafi – the older brother of Saif – has managed to escape from house arrest with the help of Gaddafi loyal troops!

He should have taken up the Chavez offer to move to Venezuela or have slunk away to his bolt-hole in Belarus. He should have used his friend Berlusconi’s travel agency to get away. Those options are no longer available to him. The earlier “negotiations” with French and EU contacts foundered on the riduculous demands made by his children.

Now it is reported that his youngest son Khamis has been killed.  In the last 2 days 2 or maybe 3 more of his sons have been captured by the rebels.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has confirmed that Saif al Islam and his older brother Mohammed have been detained.

CC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said: “It is very important to make clear there is an obligation to surrender Saif to the ICC in accordance with the Security Council resolution.”

Saif was reportedly captured in a western tourist village of Libya, while Mohammed surrendered to rebel forces and is under house arrest.

But Gaddafi himself  has not been seen in public since May. One of his last TV appearances was in mid-June when he was pictured playing chess with the World Chess Federation president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. He was heard on radio on Saturday saying that he was in Tripoli but this does not say much. Reports that he may be on his way to South Africa were denied by the Zuma government.  The BBC reports that he may no longer be in Tripoli:

One of the most persistent rumours is that he left Tripoli a while ago and may have gone to his birthplace of Sirte, on the western coast, or his ancestral home of Sabha in the south.

It is possible but unlikely that he has remained in his compound – with its bunker – in the Libyan capital. Fierce fighting is currently being reported around his Bab al-Azizia residence.

How the rebels will treat Gaddafi and his children will be quite telling about what we can expect in Libya. In 40 years of power as the “peoples leader” he has not built up any of the country’s institutions and “clan power” and clan politics may rule for some time.

Interpol orange notice against Gaddafi, family and friends

March 4, 2011

The purpose of an Interpol Orange Notice isTo warn police, public entities and other international organizations of dangerous materials, criminal acts or events that pose a potential threat to public safety.

LYON, France – INTERPOL has issued a global alert known as an Orange Notice against Colonel Al-Qadhafi and 15 other Libyan nationals, including members of his family and close associates, in a bid to warn member states of the danger posed by the movement of these individuals and their assets, to assist member states in their efforts to enforce sanctions under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1970 (2011), and to support INTERPOL’s assistance to the International Criminal Court investigation into alleged crimes against humanity in Libya.

  1. Qadhafi, Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar DATE OF BIRTH: 1942 in Libya
  2. AL-BAGHDADI, Dr Abdulqader Mohammed DATE OF BIRTH: 01/07/1950
  3. DORDA, Abu Zayd Umar DATE OF BIRTH: 04/04/1944
  4. Jabir, Major General Abu Bakr Yunis DATE OF BIRTH: 1952 in Jalo, Libya
  5. Qadhafi, Aisha Muammar DATE OF BIRTH: 1978. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya
  6. Qadhafi, Hannibal Muammar DATE OF BIRTH: 20/09/1975 in Tripoli, Libya
  7. Qadhafi, Mutassim DATE OF BIRTH: 1976. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya
  8. Qadhafi, Saadi DATE OF BIRTH: 25/05/1973. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya.
  9. Qadhafi, Saif al-Islam DATE OF BIRTH: 25/06/1972. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya
  10. DIBRI Abdulqader Yusef DATE OF BIRTH: 1946- Houn in Libya
  11. Matuq, Matuq Mohammed DATE OF BIRTH: 1956 in Khoms
  12. Qadhaf Al-dam, Sayyid Mohammed DATE OF BIRTH: 1948. Place of birth: Sirte, Libya
  13. Qadhafi, Khamis Muammar DATE OF BIRTH: 1978. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya
  14. Qadhafi, Mohammed Muammar DATE OF BIRTH: 1970. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya
  15. Qadhafi, Saif al-Arab DATE OF BIRTH: 1982. Place of birth: Tripoli, Libya
  16. Al-Senussi, Colonel Abdullah  DATE OF BIRTH: 1949. Place of birth: Sudan

The Interpol Notice is here.

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