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Swedish Greens make Åsa Romson the scapegoat for Gustav Fridolin’s incompetence

May 9, 2016


The feminist credentials of the Swedish Greens are going to take a real hit. The recent fiasco with radical islamists infiltrating the Greens is – to a large extent – the result of the incompetence of their male, co-leader, Gustav Fridolin. The Greens nominating committee (the same incompetent committee which proposed a radical islamist for a Steering Committee post) has just proposed that their female, co-leader Åsa Romson be replaced by Isabella Lovin.

It seems Åsa Romson, who has not distinguished herself, but who was not really responsible for the islamic fiasco, is to be the scapegoat and take the blame for Fridolin who, they propose, should remain. Certainly Fridolin’s popularity was low but Romson’s was even lower. The Greens have their conference at the end of the week. But there are few male contenders for the co-leader post to challenge Fridolin. Perhaps it is the lack of competent males which allows Fridolin to remain.

So it looks like Fridolin will escape the consequences of his incompetence. He has been pretty ineffective as Education Minister as well. But the Greens (or at least their nominating committee) seem to be rather sexist in the way in which they are protecting and favouring Fridolin.

The Greens nominating committee has little courage and their competence is already in question. But Fridolin should not be in government.


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