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Book promotion > Light blogging

April 8, 2011

Light blogging for the next week as I am travelling on an assignment and shall also be promoting my book. After much discussion the publisher Springer has agreed to class it as a book for “practitioners” rather than as a text book. Just a small change but it dropped their price by almost 50%!

Essence of a Manager

The ebook version is  now available here:

Registering at Springer:

A new field :

April 1, 2011

Books and the marketing of books is a new field for me – but it is fascinating and I am still a beginner at this.

I have established a new website specifically for marketing two books:

  1. 3000 Miles to Freedom by Brig. M.M Pillai MC
  2. Essence of a Manager


“Essence of a Manager” released

March 29, 2011

Print copies of my book have been released.

The accompanying press release is here: Essence of a Manager press release english

“Essence of a Manager” now available on-line

February 28, 2011

The print edition of my book “Essence of a Manager” is due out later in March but is available for on-line reading from today at Springer.

Essence of a Manager

Springer Science+Business Media

Essence of a Manager

Pillai, Krishna

1st Edition., 2011, XIV, 175 p., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-642-17580-0

Due: February 2011

Comments / reviews are very welcome here.

Success and goodness in management

February 21, 2011


Essence of a Manager

Success is transient. Just like profit or cash-flow – it is over once it has been recognised. Goodness lasts longer – it is like a balance sheet item.”

“To be able to deal with bureaucrats in India it is necessary to understand that it is the potential for blame which has to be minimised while the potential for personal gain has to be maximised”.

Essence of a Manager – separate page

February 12, 2011

On advice from some experts on the marketing of books – which is a field in which I am a beginner – I have created a separate page for my book Essence of a Manager which is due to be published on 29th March 2011 by Springer.

In addition to practising managers and students of management I am hoping it will be of interest for HR practitioners and generally for anyone interested in behaviour around the world.

Extracts, quotations and reviews will be posted on this page as will any comments.


Essence of a Manager

February 11, 2011

My book now has a publication date in March 2011 and advance copies can be ordered from Springer.

It can also be obtained through Amazon (UK) and Bokus.

Springer Science+Business Media

Essence of a Manager

Pillai, Krishna, 1st Edition., 2011, XIV., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-642-17580-0

Due: March 2011

What makes a “good” manager? This is a book by a manager about managers but it is not just for managers. It is for anyone and for everyone who is interested in the way people – and not just managers – behave and function around the world. Based on actual experience the title “Essence of a Manager” is a succinct distillation of what this book is about. It is not a management manual and yet it is a map for navigation and a guide for behaviour which can be valuable for practicing managers at all levels. It formulates a sound thesis to describe the qualities needed in a “good” manager and builds up from elemental qualities to develop a holistic view of a good manager. Nine fundamental attributes are proposed as being necessary and sufficient to describe a “good” manager. It is applied management philosophy for a thinking manager and deals with the fundamental drivers which lie deeper than language or culture and which control human behaviour.

Amazon (UK)

Some reviews can be found here: Reviews EOAM – Around the world and back to Finspång

Lars-Otto Gullman, retired, former Director Metallurgy, Gränges, Finspång

I wish I had read Essence of a Manager some 40 years ago, prior to my own industrial career!  A similar presentation of the demands on a manager and how a manager can develop his abilities I have not seen till now. In Essence of a Manager the author analyses the nature of the personal qualities a good manager must possess to be able to perform his tasks in a satisfactory way. A method, based upon interview technique, is presented as an effective means of identifying potentially good managers. Many examples are given from the author´s long and worldwide experience of managements styles in different countries and cultures.

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