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Norwegian lake Galggojávri emptied by mistake

September 23, 2014

Great Flopping Fish!!!

Somebody pulled the wrong plug.

The entire lake Gálggojávri in Samisk Norway near the boundary between Norway, Finland and Sweden has been emptied of water. The Skibotnelva river flows from the lakes Rihpojávri and Gálggojávri and empties into the fjord at Skibotn.

Galggojávri. Foto: Ingir Nango Baal / Privat

Galggojávri empty. Foto: Ingir Nango Baal / Privat via SR

A floodgate was opened in error according to Troms Kraft, who operate the power station at Skibotn which is partly fed by water from the lake. The 440m waterfall produces 70 MW.

Skibotn is a hydro power station on the Skibotn river system in Storfjord in North Norway. Skibotn lies in the midst of the Lyngen Alps, an attractive area for skiing in winter and walking in summer. The power station uses water from several rivers and streams and lake Gálggojávri, as well as the dammed reservoir Rihpojavri. The river runs out into the Storfjord.

Lake Gálggojávri

Lake Gálggojávri


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