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High jinks for Modi in London

November 13, 2015

At least it allows him to forget (temporarily) the debacle in Bihar.

Best buds: David Cameron,narendra Modi and Boris Johnson – photo AP via Daily Mail

I don’t suppose he would have given his RSS salute while in London (which in terms of comic value always reminds me of Peter Ustinov in Romanoff and Juliet).

Modi RSS salute

Modi RSS salute

Even though the RSS salute is ludicrous enough it must be said, in his defence, that I do not recall that he has ever been photographed in khaki shorts and bearing his danda.

The shape of ads to come

March 23, 2014

Using augmented reality in advertisements.

Olympics have started – blogging will be light

July 28, 2012

London 2012 has begun.

London 2012

A pretty good start with the opening ceremony last night. The  industrial revolution and the molten metal and the rise of the rings was superb.

Execution was fine but  I thought the NHS section was ill conceived and Mr. Bean was a little self-indulgent. The Queen and James Bond was actually nondescript. It was an impressive bit of film making – but only because it was the Queen. Her corgis did well. Home crowd of course but not a very “sporting” reception for some of the “unknown countries”. Excusable because some of the “countries” were not countries at all.

The “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” sorted under “F” was ridiculous but that can be put down to the IOC rather than to the London organisers.

The Beijing opening ceremony was far more spectacular but humourless. Some of the London themes were more “socialist” than at Beijing. Beijing was trying to hide its “socialism” while London seemed to be doing the opposite. The ceremony had some humour – but some of which fell flat.

The raising of the rings in London though will stick in my memory.

Blogging will be extremely light for the next 3 weeks.

Why are street riots in the UK a “bad thing” but a “good thing” in Egypt or Syria?

August 9, 2011

The scenes from Tottenham and other parts of London were distressing and the looting and vandalism is – I think – despicable.

It has been depressing to watch.

But I found similar scenes not so long ago – though perhaps without the same level of mindless vandalism but with much more severe loss of life – in Egypt and Tunisia were actually uplifting and I took these as a “demonstration” of democratic forces at work”. The ruthless putting down of protests in Syria is also distressing and all my sympathies are very clearly with those protesting.

I am still trying to reconcile my own “double standards” in my own mind.

Was the level of hopelessness and despair in Egypt and Tunisia which forced ordinary people onto the streets and caused governments to fall so different from the hopelessness and powerlessness felt by the crowds in Tottenham or Brixton? Is the feeling of being oppressed in Syria any different from that felt by some in the UK?

Opportunists and hooligans and plain criminals were surely present in all of these scenes.

But I am still struggling to clarify the differences in my own reactions to myself.

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