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UK Labour Party entertains more than expected

November 27, 2015

I expected the US Presidential elections to provide the next years political entertainment, and, to some little extent, Donald Trump is providing this. The UK general election also provided some entertainment and especially in how wrong the polls were. That was already more than expected. But I did not expect the UK to continue providing amusement for so long after their election.

Of course after David Miliband’s loss in the UK election, he had no choice but to resign. That St. Jeremy Corbyn was elected as party leader by such a large margin can be put down, I think, to

  1. the mismatch between Labour Party voters (c. 10 million) and Labour Party membership (c. 400,000),
  2. the packing of the Party membership with new membership from the loony-left, and
  3. a disillusion with the Blairite line as being heretical, from the unions.

And ever since he became “leader” it has been a continuing, old-fashioned farce. The Great names of the labour Party through history are whirling in their graves. St. Jeremy has never held down a productive job in his life and knows only how to agitate and protest and rebel. He hasn’t a clue when it comes to running an Opposition and how to “lead”. Fortunately – in the entertainment stakes – his ego is large enough, and his cronies are loony enough, that the farce is fast-paced and non-stop. It is becoming heretical among them to go against the gospel according to St. Jeremy. His ego leads him to believe that the Shadow Cabinet is of little consequence as a body and that he can dictate what they stand for. He and his cronies are living in the 1960s and are trying to infuse the debate(?) with the thoughts of Chairman Mao. John McDonnell is now given to quoting from Mao’s Little Red Book. Diane Abbott believes Mao did more good than harm. Ken Livingstone thinks the London bombers are somehow admirable in that they died for “their cause” and the 52 who were killed were just a little bit of collateral damage. The cult of St. Jeremy, and it has become a cult rather than a political party with any semblance of democracy, has become the sad inheritor of the Labour Party’s traditions.

There is a by-election due in Oldham next week but St. Jeremy is avoiding that. He may have realised that those of the loony-left who voted him into power are not representative of the voters who usually support Labour. This is a bit of a disappointment for entertainment value. It would have been amusing to hear St. Jeremy propounding his “peacenik” views to normal people. Instead he is spending the weekend trying to figure out, not how to persuade and carry his Shadow Cabinet with him as a “leader might, but how, instead, to bypass or coerce them. That process would also be entertaining in its own right, but unfortunately it is not so visible. His cronies (Graeme Morris and others) are busy trying to twist arms in darkened rooms among the Labour parliamentarians. But ultimately the Labour Party is a creature of the unions. The loony-left are living in the hope that they can manage to keep control of the Party till the next election. But I think it depends on how long the unions are prepared to put up with them.

It should be an interesting week before the Syria vote. That St. Jeremy’s ego and the arm twisting by his cronies can hijack the Labour party is a real possibility. But whether they succeed depends on the courage of the more centrist parliamentarians and their resolve to challenge the lunatics. If they do, the New Religion could be quite short-lived and the temple could come tumbling down. In either event, it should be quite entertaining. How long the entertainment can continue is uncertain, but it would be quite a remarkable achievement if it continues throughout 2016.

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