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Carbon dioxide idiocy – perhaps the EPA should make flatulence punishable

June 26, 2013

Reading Obama’s “Climate Plan” almost  drives me to despair at the idiocy of man!

Obama climate action plan

exhaust gas compositions


But only almost.

We have always had idiots and even evolution will not eliminate idiocy. And because like most “policy” statements from whoever is President of the United States, it is 90% rhetoric and 10% substance. He has enough weasel words in there to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline and he will not stop the burning of shale gas or the production of shale oil or the export of coal!! He will continue wasting money on nonsense and subsidising useless things which will prolong the lunacy for a little while.

Every living thing converts carbon to carbon dioxide  – the new pollutant. And the argument that it is a matter of scale does not hold. But perhaps we and all our animals can wear Carbon Sequestration masks? And maybe Obama could make flatulence punishable?

The oceans determine the carbon dioxide concentration and not man. I suppose that it will only be when the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere begins to fall – as it will within 2 decades  – that the lunacy might begin to end.

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