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TEPCO delayed using sea water for cooling until instructed to

March 16, 2011

1700 CET: The water cannon fire truck has arrived on site but using the scatter-gun approach of helicopter sprays and fire engines at a precision nuclear plant smacks of desperate measures. They are in the same class as praying for rain.

I hope I am wrong but it seems like the main strategy being applied by TEPCO is now one of “hoping for the best”.

A commentator on NHK World has said that TEPCO did not take the initiative to use sea-water cooling at Fukushima because of the damage it could do to any future plant operation and only did so when instructed to by the Ministry and the Government.

TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) is the owner and operator of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. None of the reactors where sea water has been used for cooling are likely to ever operate again.

The commentator criticised TEPCO’s crisis management and said that TEPCO should have reacted faster. NHK World also reported that the radioactive plume of steam coming from reactor no. 3 on Wednesday morning was first noticed by a NHK helicopter team from 30 km away  and long before there was any news from TEPCO. When first contacted the TEPCO spokesman did not know what it was and whether it was smoke from a fire or a steam leak.

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