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University of Pennsylvania whitewashes its own psychiatrists

March 3, 2012

Scientific papers polished by PR writers are part of the basic marketing strategy for pharmaceutical companies. This accusation of ghost-writing of scientific papers by public relations firms on behalf of drug companies was made last August.

Ghost-writing did indeed take place, it was by employees of the  drug company (GSK) but the investigation conducted by the University has cleared its psychiatrists of any research misconduct!! The researchers accused were not even reprimanded for their lack of judgement in using PR ghost writers let alone the subject of any strictures for their lack of writing skills.

I wonder how much research money comes to the University from GSK every year?


The data, all the data and nothing but the data

January 5, 2012

(Reuters)Unreported data from early trials of experimental medicines in humans can result in harm to future patients and needless costs for health systems, according to scientists writing in the British Medical Journal on Wednesday.

The role of statistics in research leads to obvious risks for the drawing of conclusions about causal relationships between parameters without actually increasing the understanding about the underlying mechanisms. In pharmaceutical and health research such conclusions provide enormous financial benefits for the researchers and their sponsors – and not always in the interests of the patients involved.


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