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A man of no shame! Guttenberg reproduced work by a parliamentary researcher in his thesis

February 20, 2011


The GuttenPlag Wiki is expanding . Over 68% of the pages in his thesis contain plagiarised material.

Plagiat graphic.jpg

Pages where plagiarism were found (black). The Table of Contents (pages 1-14) and Annexes, page 408 (blue) were not included in calculating the percentages. Pages with imitations of various sources are shown in red. Plagiat graphic.jpg

Professor DEBORA WEBER-WULFF writes

I’m wondering if KTzG thought that this crazy quilt is how we do science. Or if he is perhaps suffering from an advanced version of cryptomnesia. Wikipedia quotes Macrae, C.N., Bodenhasen, G. V. & Calvini, G. (1999). Contexts of cryptomnesia: May the source be with you. Social Cognition, 17, 273–297:

Cryptomnesia is more likely to occur when the ability to properly monitor sources is impaired. For example, people are more likely to falsely claim ideas as their own when they were under high cognitive load at the time they first considered the idea.

Sounds fitting. The saga continues.

Perhaps the rumour that zu Guttenberg (aka “zu Googleberg”) actually used ghost writers for his thesis is more than just rumour.

Baron zu Googleberg image:

Der Spiegel reveals:

In May 2004, when Guttenberg was a member of parliament for the conservative Christian Social Union party, Ulrich Tammler, a civil servant in the department with two PhDs of his own, wrote an analysis for Guttenberg headlined “The Question of the Link to Faith in the US Constitution and Supreme Court Rulings on the Separation of the Church and State.”

Tammler completed the 10-page document on May 13, 2004 and passed it on to Guttenberg’s parliamentary office under the reference number WF III – 100/04, according to an article due to be published in SPIEGEL on Monday.Even though members of Bundestag, or lower house of parliament, are only supposed to use of the department for work relating to their parliamentary mandate, Guttenberg included almost the entire article in his dissertation, with only minor word changes.

Tammler himself isn’t cited in any of Guttenberg’s footnotes. Only the parliamentary research department itself is mentioned, a footnote 83. The 60 staff of the department are meant to help lawmakers fulfil their duties as members of parliament. The department’s guidelines state: “The German Bundestag reserves all rights to the work of the Research Department. Publication and distribution require the approval of the departmental management.”

A man of no shame!



And the question becomes whether his thesis contains anything original at all.

On Friday Angela Merkel was still giving her Defence Minister her public support but it is going to be difficult for her to continue with this line. Associating with him is now a burden that few will be able to bear. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that the defense minister had plagiarised at least 19 authors. According to the Berliner Zeitung he also copied the work of first-year students at the Free University of Berlin.

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