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Swedish justice system in free fall as serial killer who never was is cleared

February 1, 2013

The Swedish justice system not only looks ridiculous today but also apparently deals with something other than justice.

As a film script it would not be considered even for a C-movie. But the Swedish justice system seems to have conspired and cheated and framed a man as a serial killer for 28 murders and had him convicted and imprisoned for 8 of them. Gullible judges and a conspiracy-ridden prosecution service would seem to be the stars of this circus.

As a comment on the article at The Local puts it:

…..  He was then asked a series of blatantly leading questions, and his ramblings presented to a rather gullible judge as his “confessions”. The prosecution probably only stopped at 28 murder “confessions” because they had run out of unsolved murders that occurred during Mr Quick’s adulthood. One wonders if they considered sub-contracting him out to other countries to clear up their cold-case load too.

The small prosecution team made their careers on this charade, and to this day, have important and well-paid jobs in government, justice and medicine. …..

….. This is a scandal of titanic proportions that brings great shame on Sweden. On top of the Assange case, jurists from other countries must be wondering what on Earth is going on here.

I find the whole case fantastic since I usually associate the Swedish justice system with undue leniency and as requiring an unreasonable level of evidence. Criminals acting in concert have been known to get away even with murder by blaming each other. But this case turns all my perceptions on their heads.

Swedish Wire: A Swedish man long considered Scandinavia’s worst serial killer was formally acquitted Friday of the 1988 murder of a nine-year-old Norwegian girl, a Swedish court said.

Sture Bergwall had in March been granted a new trial for the murder of Therese Johannesen, but the prosecutor decided to drop that case last month due to lack of evidence, effectively acquitting him.

“The prosecutor’s decision to drop the indictment should be the basis for the assessment of this case. In light of that … the acquittal is authorised in accordance with Sture Bergwall’s claim,” court documents read.

Bergwall, who for many years was known as Thomas Quick, is serving a life term in a psychiatric institution after being convicted of eight murders committed between 1976 and 1988.


On Friday, a court in northern Sweden granted a retrial for Sture Bergwall in two murder cases from 1976 and 1984, citing doubts over confessions he made in the ’90s but which he has since withdrawn.

Bergwall’s five other murder convictions have already been overturned.

Bergwall, now 62, told AP on Friday that he had lied about the murders “to make myself interesting,” and while being under the influence of heavy medication.

His lawyer Thomas Olsson said that if Bergwall is cleared at the retrials he could be released later this year.

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