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Angry sea lion protects its habitat from encroaching rowers

October 14, 2010

If only there was an actual picture.

No comment needed.

The Sydney Morning Herald:

An aggressive sea lion attacked a university rowing boat in New Zealand’s Otago Harbour, took a chunk out of it and then chased the crew back to shore. The sea lion came up under the boat at it was gliding through the chilly harbour near Dunedin yesterday and broke the hull in two places, causing it to take on water, the Otago Daily Times reported.

“I saw this dark figure looming under the boat, I felt it hit and seconds after water came gushing up … it was panic stations,” rower Matt Smail told the paper. The eight-man University of Otago crew was about 200 metres offshore when the angry sea lion attacked.

The students decided to head to the closest boat ramp.

“It was the best one-kilometre we rowed all morning, we went flat tack,” crew member Adam Garden said. When the crew got to shore and pulled the boat out of the water the sea lion “came up for another inspection”, he said. “It walked up the ramp and gave us a bit of a snarl.”

Otago University rowing coach Sonya Walker said rowers often saw sea lions in the harbour and normally managed to avoid them.

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