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The message of the shoes is clear

February 2, 2011

The mood of the demonstrators in Cairo is captured by the waving shoes in Tahrir Square as Mubarak announces he will not stand again — far too little, much too late.

The political message of shoe throwing or waving is quite unambiguous.

The shoes are out in Tahrir Square: image

In the meantime the duplicitous and corrupt Tony Blair praises Mubarak and reveals his view of democracy – “Democracy is Ok provided I like the result” !!!!!

“Blair said that meant there should not be a rush to elections in Egypt.”

It is incomprehensible for me that a corrupt and intellectually bankrupt lightweight such as Tony Blair with all his demonstrated failings could be “rewarded” by being made an envoy to the Middle East.


John Howard faces a thrown shoe

October 26, 2010
U.S. President George W. Bush Had Two Shoes Th...

Shoe- throwing has become an unambiguous, easily understood and visible expression of political contempt, dissent and outrage coupled to a helplessness against the “establishment”. I have posted earlier about the spread of this behaviour mainly against political figures in the Middle East and Asia.

Now John Howard joins the ranks of George Bush, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and Chinese premier Wen Jiabao in having a shoe thrown in their direction. The Sydney Morning Herald reports

A man who threw a shoe at John Howard on last night’s Q&A program on ABC TV said the former prime minister “deserves a lot worse” than having shoes thrown at him.

Hunter Valley man Peter Gray was unapologetic about his actions this morning, telling Newcastle ABC Radio he was angry about Australia’s involvement in the Iraq War and he “found the right type of protest” to get his point across.

“That is for Iraqi dead,” Mr Gray shouted as the shoes missed their target.


Hunter Valley man Peter Gray tosses his second shoe in the direction of John Howard as Tony Jones stands up to call for the man's removal.

Peter Gray tosses his second shoe in the direction of John Howard: Courtesy ABC


Mr Gray confirmed that ABC staff refused to return his shoes.

Mr Gray explained that it was a very difficult to stand up and conduct such a protest, especially because such action was against his nature. “Quite a few people said I throw like a girl.”


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