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Wildlife conservation at its best?

January 6, 2022

There is more than a whiff of hypocrisy about wildlife conservation. In today’s world it has become the protection of failing or failed species (tigers, elephants and the like), the culling of inconvenient but successful species growing in numbers (wolves, moose, deer, …) and the extermination of highly successful species classed as pests (mosquitos, killer bees, …).

A plan to kill 10,000 wild horses in Australia is now being put into effect. Apparently a little too much biodiversity.

But to be labeled a conservationist is to be on the side of the angels. 

From Nature

Fighting against species extinction is to deny evolution


So what then is the objection to – say – tigers becoming extinct which is not just an emotional reaction to the disappearance of a magnificent but anachronistic creature?  The bio-diversity argument is not very convincing and is of little relevance. To artificially keep an unsuccessful species alive in a specially protected environment has no genetic value. It increases the mis-match between the existing environment and the genetic profile needed to survive in that environment. In fact the biodiversity argument is only relevant for “life” in general and never for any particular species or group of species.  It can serve to maintain a very wide range of genetic material in the event of a catastrophe such that some form of life has a chance of continuing. But given a particular environment biodiversity in itself is of little value. …….

Animal camouflage: Spot the animal

December 31, 2012

A superb collection of wild-life camouflage images at the Daily Mail.

A wonderful collection of pictures by photographer Art Wolfe. “He has spent over 35 years roaming the deserts of Africa, the rainforests of South America, the mountains of the United States and snow plains of Canada to capture wildlife at its most invisible”.

Here’s one example:


Can you spot me? A Leopard conceals herself in vegetation at the base of a tree in Kruger National Park, Transvaal, South Africa

Spot the Leopard


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