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XKCD captures the spirit of CERN

October 22, 2014

This one from xkcd is very apposite!

Higgs Boson

“It could have been another particle not inconsistent with the Higgs boson – or something like it. And it’s really small” – cartoon by xkcd/1437

Offending a thesis

August 12, 2014

Another evocative one from xkcd.

If only ……

Thesis Defense

Thesis Offense from xkcd

You can defend against an offensive but offending against a defensive is not so easy.

Wind Turbines by xkcd (but who will be Don Quixote?)

February 6, 2014

Among xkcd‘s better ones.

Alternative Energy Revolution

Alternative Energy Revolution

But who can take the role of Don Quixote?

and will he repair the turbines or just kill them all off?

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