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That’s how to start a CV!

July 14, 2013

A CV needs to capture the interest of the reader within the first one or two paragraphs. ( Writing Your CV )

My congratulations to Professor Joachim Heberle of the Freie Universität Berlin who has this refreshing, compelling and exemplary start to his CV on his University web-page.

Heberle CV

Hi, my name is Joachim Heberle. My research interest is in the structure and function of membrane proteins and in the methodologies to investigate those … when I have time. Mostly, I am an adminstrative slave. The remainder of my time, I try hard to feed (i.e. raise funds) and comfort my coworkers (i.e. discuss science and give advice). I am not supposed to be a professor in Physics because I received my University education in Chemistry. However, my colleagues and students are so generous to tolerate my ignorance. If you are still interested in my professional CV, please click here.

Others in academia could do very well to follow his example.

How to use your CV to “control” the subsequent interview

November 20, 2012

Over the last 15 years or so I have often found myself advising employment seekers – from young graduates to potential Managing Directors – about how to write and structure their CVs. It has often occurred to me that in the heat of trying to write down everything that might conceivably be of some interest to somebody, the purpose and objectives of the CV are sometimes forgotten by the authors. Many CV writing guides are often focused on format. Some may even include something about content but most usually take the “purpose” for granted. In the overwhelming majority of cases the objectives of submission of a CV is to be first selected for an employment interview and then to form the basis or the starting point for the interview itself.

(Scroll to bottom of post for “Writing your CV” pdf)


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