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Roger Harrabin, BBC’s in-house global warming lobbyist has been at it since 1997

November 23, 2011
BBC journalist Roger Harrabin

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I had posted earlier about the revelations that the BBC’s Roger Harrabin (with the help of his pal Joe Smith) had been acting as a mole within the BBC to lobby on behalf of the global warming orthodoxy in which he had a vested interest.

Well, it would seem that he gave up being an objective journalist and became a lobbyist some time ago. He has been lobbying hard since at least 1997. The CIES web page from August 18th, 2000:

Media & Environment Programme

Developed by Dr Joe Smith and Roger Harrabin (BBC Today Programme), the programme consists of a series of indepth seminars designed to broaden and deepen media thinking about global environmental change and sustainable development issues and to improve the academic and policy communities’ understanding of the setting and constraints of media reporting.

Programme co-directors:
Dr Joe Smith
Mr Roger Harrabin

Programme contact details:
Email: or tel: +44 (0)1223 740135

Details of previous seminars:

The Changing Environmental Agenda – BBC Editors (1997)

Climate Change Meeting – senior editors (1997)

Reporting Sustainable Development:
The Challenge to the Media – BBC Editors (1997)

The Kyoto Outcome: Implications for UK Business (1997)

Reporting Sustainable Development:
The Challenge to the Media – BBC Editor’s Seminar (1998)

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