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Hitler has long inspired the British Royals

July 18, 2015

The Saxe-Coburg and Gothas may have changed their names to Windsor, and the current British Royals are certainly not the Tudors, but they do have a hankering for the “good old days” when forelocks were properly tugged and dissenting heads could be “offed”.  That Edward and Wallis were fairly committed supporters of the Nazi cause has been well documented. But The Sun has now acquired some home movies where Edward is shown teaching his nieces and his mother the Nazi salute in 1933. Of course in 1933 most of the Royal Houses of Europe supported Hitler as the scourge of the communists and the potential saviour of Royalty. Mind you, as recently as 2005, the Nazi sympathies of the Windsors were on display with Harry Windsor.

The Editor of The Sun would be high on their list of people to be sent to The Tower.

(I find it a little amusing when present members of ruling Royal families extol the virtues of monarchic democracies).

1933 – (The Sun- 2015)

Royals Hitler 1933 The Sun

Royals Hitler 1933 The Sun


23 October 1937 Edward and Wallace with Hitler

23 October 1937 Edward and Wallis with Hitler – Wikipedia

2005 – (The Sun – 2005)

Harry Swastika 2005 The Sun

Harry Swastika 2005 The Sun

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