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Siemens boycotts Ryanair

September 27, 2012

I have used Ryanair from time to time Рbut only when I have had no other reasonable options. They are not customer friendly at all and not my airline of choice. Siemens has decided to boycott Ryanair. Clearly Ryanair is not pleased but I think Siemens are perfectly within their rights, are quite justified in their actions and even ought to be commended. Cutting costs  while adventuring safety must Рeven for Ryanair Рbe unacceptable.

It occurs to me that since Ryanair seems to thrive on negative publicity perhaps they secretly welcome this?

Strangely this story is not widely reported in the MSM. 

(UPDATE! had something on this story but the page seems to have been deleted. Perhaps legal action is being threatened.

UPDATE 2! has a new forum page where Ryanair is considered in a rather favourable light by commenters. The original page remains deleted. In my suspicious mind I suspect there has been some pressure from Ryanair on the website.)

The Swedish Svenska Dagbladet reports:

The German industrial group Siemens, with 400,000 employees worldwide, has decided for a global boycott of Ryanair. But Ryanair has threatened legal action.
Siemens Group Management took the decision after Ryanair suffered a number of accidents and incidents in recent times and is a signal to the entire aviation industry.


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