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Wimbledon trivia – but elegant

July 4, 2016

Mathematics trivia – but I do like the elegant solution.

At Wimbledon the men’s and women’s tournaments each start with 128 players. The question somebody asked yesterday was how many matches would be played in each tournament. Of course the winner would play 7 matches in 7 rounds (2= 128).

The long-winded solution to the total number of matches = 64+32+16+8+4+2+1 = 127

But the elegant solution is, of course, that with 128 players and one winner there are only 127 losers and therefore 127 matches are necessary and sufficient for them to lose.

Clearly with 2participants there must be  2n-1 matches.

And more generally, formulated as a matter of logic,

“In any knockout tournament, the number of matches is one per loser and therefore one less than the number of contestants”


Age is beauty at Wimbledon on Ladies Day

July 12, 2015

It was Ladies Day at Wimbledon and much to revel in. Not least that the winners were now mature, young ladies even though they had all been precocious teenagers when they first hit the top. Serena Williams won her 21st Grand Slam (Wow!) and her 4th in a row. Martina Hingis teamed up with Sania Mirza to win the doubles in an exciting turnaround after being one set and 5-2 down.

Beauty is relative but there is little doubt that I rejoice far more in “oldest” winners as the years go by.

Serena Williams, 34 this year

Serena 2015 (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin via Yahoo)

Serena 2015 (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin via Yahoo)

Martina Hingis, 35 this year and Sania Mirza, 29 this year

Hingis Mirza - 2015 -  photo Facundo Arrizabalaga-EPA

Hingis Mirza – 2015 – photo Facundo Arrizabalaga-EPA


When gender equality denies gender difference – limericks (6)

December 28, 2013

1. Sometimes, the “fight” for gender equality gets more than a little ridiculous when it denies gender difference. 

“Gender Equality” is the battle-cry that’s heard,

But just what that means can be a little bit blurred.

Must each and every known profession,

Comprise equally of men and women?

But fathers giving birth is just a little bit absurd.

2. In Sweden, “hen” is proposed by the politically-correct, gender-equalisers as a neutral form between “han” (him) and “hon” (her).

A politically correct young lady from Sweden,

Insisted on being referred to as a “hen”,

She objected strenuously to “she”,

and quite violently to “he”,

Which caused consternation among her young men.

3. Still in Sweden, poor Zlatan Ibrahimovic got into hot water for stating the blindingly obvious that it was more than a little idiotic to compare his game with that of a lady footballer. But – and especially in Sweden – political correctness has become a matter of faith and is often quite unconcerned with reality.

Zlatan the Viking footballer,

Took umbrage when an idiot reporter,

Compared him to a “hen”,

Who kicked a ball now and then,

And Ibrahim-ovic refused to idolise her.

4. In the UK, Thomas the tank engine is under attack from Mary Creagh. She seems rather a silly person – but she was probably only after the publicity.

A cross Labour MP of feminist gender,

More female train drivers would engender,

She demanded the State’s intervention,

To curb the masculinity of Thomas the tank engine,

And required that the “him” be changed into a “her”!

5. At Wimbledon, women now have the same prize money as the men, but they work far fewer hours and play even less. The ladies champion now has an hourly rate about 60% higher than the men’s champion.

Gender equality at Wimbledon has gone a little bit funny,

The men and the women get the same prize money,

But being of the much weaker sex,

The women play just the best of 3 sets,

And the men will be unable to reverse this calumny

6. And all over the world “quotas” for women/minorities/scheduled castes/disabled in various professions are proposed. But fighting discrimination with discrimination only legitimises discrimination.

Oppressing minorities is unacceptable persecution,

But discrimination to fight discrimination is still discrimination.

And if percentage of the population,

Is to be mirrored in every profession,

Competence must be ignored to follow some blind equation.

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