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Cosmic rays could indeed seed clouds

March 2, 2012

Sticking to science – and experimental science at that – while ignoring the politicisation and religious overtones of “climate science”, Henrik Svensmark continues to painstakingly build his cosmic theory of climate change.

Supernova remnants  cosmic rays  solar modulation of cosmic rays variations in cluster and sulphuric acid production  variation in cloud condensation nuclei  variation in low cloud formation  variation in climate.

When experiments or observations show that model predictions are wrong it is time to ditch the falsified hypotheses  and to build new hypotheses.  Far too often in ” global warming science” the hypotheses and the models become “incontrovertible dogma” and rather than test the falsifiability of the hypothesis with observations and experiment, data are fudged to fit the dogma. Svensmark’s approach is an oasis of proper science in a desert of pseudo-science.

Nigel Calder reports:


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