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No evidence of any global warming in robust Arctic and Antarctic ice extents

July 8, 2015

After 40+ years of an imagined, man-made, global warming, the ice extent at the poles and in the Greenland Ice Sheet seem pretty robust – individually and collectively.

No further commentary is necessary.

Arctic Ice Extent – 6th July 2015

Arctic Ice Extent 6 July 2015

Arctic Ice Extent 6 July 2015

Antarctic Ice Extent – 6th July 2015

Antarctic Ice Extent 6 July 2015

Antarctic Ice Extent 6 July 2015

Mass of Greenland Ice Sheet 

Greenland Icesheet mass 2015

Greenland Icesheet mass 2015

Climate models demolished as Arctic ice recovers, Antarctic ice reaches new maximum and global temperatures drift downwards

September 22, 2014

The Royal Society (which is one of the institutional high priests of the global warming cult) is holding a meeting on the Arctic today. It is quite revealing to see how climate models – which are being steadily demolished by reality – continue to be defended by the global warming establishment. Denying reality while defending imperfect, obsolete, climate models seems to be the name of the game.

Someday the Royal Society may display healthy scientific skepticism again. But right now they are entirely focused on finding excuses for why reality is wrong.

Models before data.

These graphs of ice extent from SunshineHours.

Arctic ice extent has passed its minimum and is growing again.


Arctic Ice extent has passed minimum for 2014

Antarctic ice is reaching extents never before seen in the satellite age.


Antarctic ice extent has not quite reached maximum for 2014

Zoomed Antarctic ice extent


Antarctic ice extent Zoomed

Arctic ice past minimum and growing fast and Antarctic ice reaching maximum at record level

October 5, 2013

Arctic ice extent reached its minimum about 2 weeks ago and is now growing fast.

Arctic Ice extent 20131005

Arctic Ice extent 20131005 source: COI

At the Antarctic however, the sea ice extent is just about reaching its maximum level which is at a record level.

Antarctic sea ice extent 20131004

Antarctic sea ice extent 20131004 source: cryosphere


Antarctic sea ice extent almost 3 SD’s higher than “average”

November 25, 2010


The Southern Hemisphere is coming into summer but seems significantly cooler (and wetter in Australia) than usual.

The ice extent in the Antarctic is reducing much slower than normally and currently the sea ice extent is about 1.3 million sq. km or 9%  or 3 Standard Deviations higher than the 1979 – 2000 average.

The Pacific Oscillation – or La Nina – is probably responsible.

Summer delayed in the Southern Hemisphere?

October 15, 2010

The Northern Hemisphre is anticipating a long cold winter which might even be a little early, but summer is a little late in the Southern Hemisphere.

Usually Antacrtic ice starts decreasing around 15th September but this year it seems to be still quite high and delayed by about a month.

Meanwhile in Australia,

WARM weather may have teased the state into believing summer was on its way, but the wild weather predicted for the weekend could be winter’s last hurrah.

Meteorologists are warning of a wet and windy weekend with widespread rain, potential flash-flooding, and wind gusts of up to 110km/h. Snow is likely to fall on the alps and southern ranges, and even Orange could get a light dusting. The shift is being caused by a broad trough moving over NSW, which is expected to deepen into a low pressure system today, causing heavy rain and strong winds across central NSW.

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