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On constraining the quality of climate science

July 3, 2013

I wrote this – following the words of the Bard – about something else

The quality of intelligence is not strain’d,
It may not be shaped or created or invented
to suit a man’s convenience. It is twice cursed:
It curses him who invents and curses the fool who believes.

and then realised it could easily be adapted to fit “hockey stick” climate science

The quality of climate science is not strain’d,
It may not be shaped or tricked into a hockey stick
to suit a Mann’s convenience. It is twice cursed:
It curses him who tricks and curses the fools who believe.

Reality: Quality and price are the buying criteria, not the environment

May 11, 2011

Reality is based on what people do and not on what do-gooders, alarmists and scaremongers say.

Svenska Dagbladet reports that:

Small companies ignore the environment

Sweden’s small-and medium-sized companies are primarily looking for quality and price when making purchases. The environment is least important according to the Visma Purchase Barometer, and low price is the most important. Environmentally friendly products are usually slightly more expensive and are at a disadvantage when companies chase low prices. Only 1.5 percent of Sweden’s small and medium-sized enterprises consider the environment as the most important criterion when making purchases. Quality and price are the most crucial according to the Visma  survey of more than 1600 small and medium-sized businesses.

But 1.5 percent is still a remarkably low figure given that climate change has been so hot the last few years”, says Henrik Salwen, CEO of VismaAdvantage. The companies were asked to specify one of six criteria and Quality was the most important followed by price and punctual delivery. The environment was the least important.

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