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On the eve of the birthday of the Sun, on to orbit 2017 (+c. 4.5 billion)

December 24, 2016

The number 2017 is an odd number and is a prime (the 306th such).

But, it is not:

  • a Fibonacci number,
  • a Bell number,
  • a Catalan number,
  • a regular number (Hamming number),
  • a factorial of any number, or
  • a perfect number.

In short the number 2017 is quite ordinary.

2016 has been anno horibilis for some but I think it has been just another year. Whether year 2017 is more than just ordinary remains to be seen. But I am more hopeful than fearful.

In the geopolitical sphere the most notable event has been that what looked like the unstoppable march of ISIS at the end of 2015, has in fact reversed and ISIS are now on a hiding to nothing. And it is the Russian intervention in Syria that the world has to thank for that. In the political world, Brexit and Trump’s win have been seismic events. A global trend against the liberal/socialist/elitist world-view of a self-declared “intelligentsia” telling the great unwashed what was good for them, which began before 2016 and will continue for many years yet, has strengthened.

I think this trend is part of an inevitable move to a distributed rather than a centralised system of societies managing themselves. The UN and its many bodies, the EU and the WHO are all examples where centralisation has gone too far. What has been forgotten is that we have to think globally but make decisions and act locally. Global decisions will always eventually be repudiated locally – unless they are imposed by coercion. The trend to distributed decision making is, I think, analagous to the growth of distributed rather than centralised power generation or distributed rather than centralised communication systems

But after some 4.5 billion + 2016 revolutions around the Sun, the Earth now starts on another orbit. The birthday of the Sun on 25th December comes long before the invention of Christianity. At 59°N our day is now just over 6 hours long. Hope rises as the days are again palpably getting longer. By the end of June we will be at close to 18 hours of daylight.

Here’s wishing that 2017 will see many fears unrealised and some hopes being met.



Aliud orbita et hoc anno

December 23, 2014

Another orbit, another year.

Since the Earth – recognisable as a condensed planet – started rotating around the Sun, there have been an estimated 4.54 ± 0.05 billion rotations (4.54 × 109 ± 1% revolutions). From the time humans – recognisable as modern humans – walked the earth, there have been over 200,000 revolutions. The number 2015 is measured from an arbitrary and a rather meaningless point in time and – for the SUN or the Earth – has no significance whatever. It is just a label for the coming year.

In any event the lucky number for “2015”  is 8.

Sol et manet invictus. (And the Sun remains invincible).

sol invictus 2014


Have a wonderful year!

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti MMXIII

December 24, 2013

It is my conviction (which is more than belief and somewhat less than science) that man is – and for the foreseeable future will be – incapable of overpowering the Sun. On any scale related to human capability it is Sol Invictus which applies. And the birthday of the Sun some 4.5 billion years ago was being celebrated long before it was  hijacked by Christianity around 354 AD. And one day the sun will die and we will have moved on (or we will have perished).

Just imagine, if you possibly can, a Sun devoid of its light,

No semblance of day and no trace of any night,

But there are those, like Icarus, who are still very naive,

Who in their arrogance, and at their peril, continue to believe,

That trivialising the Sun’s power is perfectly alright.

Greetings on the day of the birth of the Invincible Sun, 25th December 2013

Optimus optat novus annus MMXIV

Sol Invictus 2013

The Fall of Icarus

The snows of global warming hit the Middle East

December 20, 2013

Of course this snow will be warmer than normal!

Follow the Sun

Beware the IPCC and its false prophets of doom!

Who would addle thy mind in a stew of consensus science,

And entrap thy soul in a web of fear. 

For in their ignorance and in their arrogance,

They presume that they can control the Earth,

And brave the wrath of Sol Invictus.  

The Sun in our heaven heeds not the sticks of Mann,

And waxes and wanes as it is always wont to do,

And the Earth follows.

To the music of the stars in their celestial dance,

By oceans and clouds and winds and rain,

Sol Invictus heats and cools our world.

And as the storms do rage and winds do blow,

As ice-sheets do shrink and then they do grow,

The human mind contrives and Man does follow.  

And there is nothing new under the Sun,

It has happened before and will happen again,

The ice-age will come whether Man will or no!

Winter storm “Alexa” chills the Middle East

Winter storm ‘Alexa' chills the Middle East

People walk in front of the snow- capped Dome of the Rock in the compound known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday. Snow fell in Je rusalem and parts of the occupied West Bank where many schools and offices were closed. (Photo: Reuters)

Kerry trapped in snow

A car covered in snow at the entrance to Jerusalem Friday morning. (photo credit: Israel Hatzolah)

A car covered in snow at the entrance to Jerusalem Friday morning. (photo credit: Israel Hatzolah)

Heavy snow, thunderstorms pummel Turkey

Many schools, roads close as heavy snow continues to hammer Turkey

Cold weather and heavy snow that began on Tuesday afternoon brought İstanbul to a halt. (Photo: DHA)


One day the Sun will die, but till then – Dies Natalis Solis Invicti MMXII

December 24, 2012

Here at a latitude of 58.7057° N, the Sun is eagerly awaited every day and is sorely missed if it is obscured by clouds during our short days at this time of year.

Sol Invictus is not a matter of faith or belief. It is a daily reality.

The 21st of December was the shortest day of the year with sunrise at 0848 and sunset at 1503. But it has come and gone and the days are getting longer again. I can start my countdown to summer.

The renewal begins.

It is not difficult to imagine how worship of the Sun must have started at least 20,000 years ago and perhaps as early as 100,000 years ago. In fact it seems obvious that our understanding of periodicity and the very concept of time must have started with what we observed of the Sun. The counting of days and the inevitability of the seasons and the development of a calendar all originate with the unfailing appearance of the Sun every day. Perhaps the periodicity of the daily Sun even accounts for humans developing the very notion of counting and numbers. And it is more than mere speculation to assume that even the great expansion of humanity from Africarabia around 100,000 years ago was to no little extent guided into directions defined relative to the rising or the setting of the Sun.

One day – some 5 billion years hence – the Sun will have consumed all its hydrogen, will become a red giant and will swallow the earth. The earth will truly and inevitably die then.  Over the following one billion years or so the Sun will be consuming its helium and become a white dwarf.  And then the exhausted Sun – will cool and perhaps in 1000 billion years will be at the same temperature as that of surrounding space and will become a black dwarf  –  well and truly dead.

Long before then, perhaps in about one billion years from now, the energy output of the Sun will rise by about 10% and there will be no water left in our atmosphere. As the Sun’s energy output increases further, our rivers and lakes and oceans will all boil dry and the earth will be finally devoid of water. If humanity is still present on earth when free water disappears then it too – with all other species on earth – will die. But humanity – along with many other Earthly species – may well have moved elsewhere by then.

But for at least the next 0ne billion years we can continue to revel and bask in our invincible Sun.

In Vedic terms “Surya is the eye of Mitra, Varuna and Agni” where Surya, the Sun, is the “all-powerful life-giving force” with Mitra representing “all that happens with openness in the daylight” while Varuna lords “over the powers of the dark when Surya is not visible”. Agni (ignis in Latin) is of course fire and is the earthly manifestation of the Sun

So, in celebration of the annual renewal to come I send my greetings to all in the name of the invincible Sun.

(The picture this year is a blow-up of the banner for this blog and is of a sunrise, looking East, on a December morning in 2010).

sol invictus 2012

Sol Invictus: Greetings on Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

December 25, 2011

It is the 25th of December of the year 2011 of the Gregorian Calendar and it is the anniversary of the day of the birth of the Invincible Sun (Dies Natalis Solis Invicti).

More correctly, of course it is the presumed date of the birth of the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun. This revolution would have existed even when the Earth was just an amorphous conglomeration of gas and particles orbiting the Sun and still waiting to coalesce as the Earth. Since the seasonal celebrations could never be suppressed, it is the date which was hijacked as the day of the birth of Christ (first recorded in 354AD), some 1,657 years ago. But Natalis Solis Invicti goes back much longer than that. And to the best of our knowledge that was about 4,540,000,000 (±1%) years ago.

And while the celebrations around the world at this dark time of the year remain of vital importance in the human calendar, its relevance as the birthday of Christ has become largely meaningless. It is the celebration of renewal, of the beginning of a new year, of the coming lengthening of the days after the winter solstice which pre-dates Christian tradition and will continue long after its inevitable extinction. It is the certainty of belief that the earth will continue to revolve around the Sun and all that follows from that which lifts the human spirit.

Here the sun rises today at 08:48 and sets at 15:05 – a day-length of just over 6 hours. But the days are getting longer and already by next Saturday the day at this latitude will be 6 minutes longer. Over the next 200 days the length of each day will increase by an average of more than 3 minutes each day and by high summer the length of the day will be around 17 hours. And it is the affirmation of this renewal, this anticipation of what is to come and the reconfirmation of “certain” belief in Sol Invictus which lifts my spirit.

And so my greetings to all on this day to celebrate the day of the birth of the Invincible Sun.

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